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Adults Only Magic Show - MICF 2023 (VIC)

Presented by Showman Productions.

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

The Famous Spiegeltent, Arts Centre Melbourne

Until 23rd April, 2023

This show (and this review) contains: Audience participation, Drug references, Haze, Strong coarse language, Nudity, Strong sexual references.

- Magic, adults only humour and penises. Do I have your attention? -

The Adults Only Magic Show is live and preparing to get down and dirty in Melbourne this comedy festival. Magicians Justin Williams and Sam Hume take to the stage to bring you an hour of unhinged sexual innuendos and laughs, oh and some magic along the way.

The compère for the evening warms the audience up with some light riffing and jeering from both sides of the audience, splitting the audience to scope out where the most lively bunch of audience members sat. Before long, Williams and Hume take to the stage to start wowing the audience with slight of hand tricks and escape acts.

Overall appeal for this show relies mainly on the “Adults Only” content of the production. Yes, you will see a penis, maybe two if you’re lucky. Yes there will be references to anal and sex. Yes, some audience members will shy away from leaning too much into their base nature whilst on stage, whilst others certainly will not.

As for the magic, there were some very well put together moments of awe from the audience: locked boxes reveal impossible to put together suggestions from the audience whereas close up card tricks are performed impeccably smoothly. It’s not quite the levels of Penn and Teller, but it's still damn well impressive. Other magic acts are nothing inherently new: the old “mobile phone in the paper bag and hammer” trick is brought on stage, with the added addition of Pickle Rick being used for the reveal - for an Adults Only targeted show, they could have gone all in and used a dildo honestly.

Williams and Hue themselves are more than capable of holding the audience’s attention throughout the show, making even the smallest of magic tricks feel heightened. However you couldn’t help but feel that their magic felt restrained, as if they had something bigger to give (and no I’m not talking about that) but were limited in what they could.

Still, there is much fun and giddiness to be had throughout this hour of comedy with a bit of liquid humour to help it go down smoothly. It’s depraved, full of wonder and superbly led by its two magicians. If you’re looking for an end of the evening entertainment without the kids, this is the one.



Thu $29.00

Fri & Sat $35.00

Sun $29.00


Thu $27.00

Fri & Sat $33.00

Sun $27.00

Group (6+):

Thu $25.00

Fri & Sat $29.00

Sun $25.00

Sat 15 Apr: 9.45pm;

Sun 16 Apr: 8.45pm;

Thu 20 Apr - Sat 22 Apr: 9.45pm;

Sun 23 Apr: 8.45pm

The Famous Spiegeltent at Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

AUSLAN: Sun 16 Apr: 8.45pm


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