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Annabel this okay?? - Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK)

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

Pleasance Courtyard - The Attic

Aug 14-15, 17-27


Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)

Country: United Kingdom - England

Group: Stamptown Proudly Presents

Warnings and additional info: This performance contains strong language.


- Join Annabel Marlow as she overthinks and impresses with her skillful voice and adorable charm. She's one to watch this Fringe season -

Breaking into her own solo show, original Edinburgh Fringe cast member of SIX the Musical, Annabel Marlow is ready to spend an evening with you. Supported by the voice of her mother offstage, Marlow makes sure to point out that this isn’t one of those sad, depressive comedy music gigs. Instead, we’re treated to embarrassing tales of love, contraception and an abundance of overthinking.

The first thing to know about Marlow, she has an adorable charm and more talent in her fingers and voice than one can possibly dream of having. She actually reminded me of Kala Gare, who ironically was in the original Australian cast of SIX - there’s obviously a formula to the magic of that show. It’s hard to not let out a woop or cheer when Marlow riffs and belts a variety of keys - yes, she’s trained.

Armed with a piano and a guitar, Marlow takes her audience through multiple tales of people pleasing and attention seeking. She has a talent for making every single member of the audience feel like you’re her best friend and that this isn’t a Fringe venue at all, but just a performance in her living room. It’s comfortable and inviting and a refreshing take on the solo female comedy gig.

There are beautiful one liners spread throughout the performance that inspire and delight, with comic timing that lands at the precise moment to make the audience burst into fits of laughter. Marlow isn’t afraid to put herself at the centre of the joke throughout. It’s not quite self-deprecating, but a knowing use of humour that makes her all the more endearing as a performer.

Do as Marlow suggests and bring a hot single friend and see her breakout solo debut. Annabel Marlow is one to watch across the comedy gigs. There’s only more overthinking to be done!


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