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ArtsLab: Body of Work - 107 Redfern (NSW)

Presented by Presented by Shopfront Arts Co-op

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

Images by Claire Hawley

107 Redfern Until Sunday 2nd April

Adult $25 / Concession $20 / Shopfront/Playwave Member $15

Gallery Entry $10 (Show ticket includes Gallery Entry)

Day Passes (Entry to all shows and Gallery Entry): Adult $70 / Concession $55 / Shopfront/Playwave Member $40

OPENING NIGHT - Wednesday 22 March


INDUSTRY NIGHT - Saturday 1 April 6:30pm


Shopfront Arts Co-op bring back their regular and always interesting ArtsLab to 107 Redfern with an eclectic array of theatre works, and one hour productions that each hold their own unique and alluring traits on topics that are at the forefront of our collective minds.

‘When I think of us, it sounds like…’by Rachel Seeto and Kaylee Rankin aka. Spacefloss


Wed - Fri: 11am - 9pm

Sat & Sun: 11am - 6pm

Whilst milling about the theatre, pop on a pair of headphones to dive into When I think of us, it sounds like… the immersive sound work by Rachel Seeto and Kaylee Rankin, known as SPACEFLOSS; a fascinating exploration of the concept of friendship.

This audio-immersive work focuses on the sonic language of friendship, with an intriguing and original approach. The idea of documenting, expanding, reducing, abstracting, and stretching the sonic language of friendship is particularly interesting. The pair have created a deep dive into the different ways in which we communicate with our friends, and how those methods of communication can be interpreted and manipulated to reveal shared truths.

Do Androids Dream of Silicone Binders by Jenna Lewis


Wed - Fri: 11am - 9pm

Sat & Sun: 11am - 6pm

Jenna Lewis' art installation explores gender identity and the representation of the body. The combination of sound work and sculpture provides a multi-dimensional experience that will engage your tired and worn out body, especially for those who need to rest.

A conglomeration of pillows of different shapes and sizes resting under fluorescent lights with tranquil music suggests a disorienting yet calming environment that will encourage introspection and contemplation.

The use of pillows as a representation of the body offers a unique perspective on the relationship between the body and identity. The combination of different shapes and sizes of pillows suggests a celebration of diversity and a rejection of narrow definitions of gender and body type.

Quadrants by Flynn Mapplebeck


Wed - Fri: 6pm

Sat & Sun: 2:30pm

Flynn Mapplebeck's Quadrants delivers a layered and intriguing theatrical work that explores the pleasures and advantages of being alone. The fact that the work is divided into four chapters provides a well-structured and thought-out performance from Mapplebeck to bring laughs as well as moments of intense pathos.

Mapplebeck brings a playful and irreverent tone that entertains and engages his audience. The theme of the pleasures and advantages of being alone is a particularly prevalent one given the lockdowns of the past years, aiming to challenge the conventional wisdom that social connection is always preferable.

Through his humorous use of too many graphs, comedy, personal anecdotes and impressive slideshows, Quadrants promises a performance that is both entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

Under the Influence by Ana Fenner and Amelia Gilday


Wed - Fri: 7:15pm

Sat & Sun: 3:45pm

Under the Influence is as compelling as it is thought-provoking work, utilising multiple mediums to explore complex themes of transgender identity. The combination of theatre, video, and music creates a multi-sensory experience that is at times confronting, whilst immersing our senses into a technological perspective of gender.

The focus on exploring the intersections of performativity and identity with an investigation of gender is at the forefront of this piece. This theme is particularly relevant in today's society, where there is increasing awareness of the ways in which societal norms and expectations can shape our sense of self and identity. Ana Fenner and Amelia Gilday bring a rich focus on performance into this piece to highlight one of the most talked about conversations in our modern zeitgeist. By examining these intersections, Under the Influence has the potential to spark important conversations and reflections on the nature of identity and performance.

Zest by Mina Bradshaw


Wed - Fri: 8:30pm

Sat & Sun: 5pm

Mina Bradshaw's devised theatre work centres on the exploration of the wellness industry, through a timely and thought-provoking examination of complex and multifaceted characters. The focus on the costs of wellness suggests an investigation into the ways in which wellness has become commodified and commercialised.

Bradshaw’s four performers bring unique traits to this discussion, through decaying sanity, personal intimacy, the reliance on technology and the desire for leadership.

The idea of a deep dive into the wellness industry provides Bradshaw with a thorough and rigorous exploration of the subject, promising to reveal insights and perspectives that are not typically represented throughout popular media. The use of devised theatre to portray Bradshaw’s vision yields unexpected and at times, stomach churning results.

Zest is a bold and important intervention into a topic that is both urgent and under-examined. The focus on costs and commodification sheds light on the ways in which wellness has become a privilege rather than a right, told through humour and with careful precision that is likely to resonate with audiences.



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