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Madagascar, The Musical - Comedy Theatre (VIC)

Book by Kevin Del Aguila. Music and Lyrics by George Noriega and Joel Someillan.

Reviewed by Annika Loci

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne Until 15th January Crown Theatre, Perth 19th-26th January Tickets:


Madagascar the Musical has roared its way into the Melbourne Comedy Theatre, and it is the perfect family school holiday activity!

Based on the Dreamworks Animation Motion Picture, this production with its bold, bright colours, jumps off the screen and onto the stage with the story & characters we all love. Kevin Del Agulia provides a book that stays relatively accurate to its source material, and it is well supported by Original Music & lyrics from George Noriega and Joel Someillan that both kids and adults can enjoy; not forgetting the song everyone waits to hear “I Like to Move It, Move It”.

Finding themselves off on an accidental adventure to “the wild” is Alex the Lion (Andrew Papas) the New York City Zoo’s meat-loving main attraction, Marty (Joe Kalou) the inquisitive, best bud to all and ready to bust-a-move Zebra, Gloria (Moniquewa Williams the sassy peace-keeping Rhino, and Melman (Devon Neiman) the introverted hypochondriac Giraffe. Of course you can’t forget the welcome arrival to the wild from the very cheeky lemur King Julien (Jonathan Martin).

Photos by David Hooley

Special mention must go to the supporting ensemble here, who are responsible for expertly bringing to life the personalities of an amazing array of puppets. The use of puppetry for the penguins, monkeys and lemurs add extra playfulness to the tight comedic script. Amongst the simple but colourful sets, captivating costumes & puppets, the cast provide audiences sensational dance moves (Fabian Aloise's choreography is certainly entertaining and relatable to all ages), outstanding vocal moments, and plenty of laugh out loud jokes for kids and adults to appreciate. Martin’s characterisation of King Julien is the standout character, full of expert comedic timing, and breaking of the fourth wall with ease. The eagerly awaited performance of the headline song “I like to Move It, Move It” is clearly is the highlight of the show. With every cast member grooving away, it totally brings the house down! Running at around 100mins including a 20min interval, this is a great duration and a perfect introduction to theatre for youngsters. Although aimed predominately at ages 4-10, slightly older children will still thoroughly enjoy it. My 12yr twin boys both agreed “it was really funny and so much fun to watch, we really enjoyed it”. Madagascar the Musical is fun, playful and full of energy, providing enjoyment for every generation! So “move it move it” to see it.


CREATIVES KIRK JAMESON Director FABIAN ALOISE Choreographer TOM ROGERS Original Set and Costume Design NICK PURDIE Associate Director MARK BRADLEY Associate Musical Director MITCHELL MAHONY Associate Choreographer

CAST Joe Kalou Marty Andrew Papas Alex Moniquewa Williams Gloria Jack Shatford Melman Jonathan Martin King Julien Cole Johnston Skipper/Maurice/Ensemble George Hiku Mason / Lars / Ensemble Lucy Sutcliffe Rico/Candy/Lynn/Ensemble Geena Hutton Private/Mort/Ensemble/Dance Captain Ezra Williams Kowalski/Ensemble Bryn Monk Off-Stage Swing Cody Green Off-Stage Swing



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