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Matador: sabor de amor - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2023 (VIC)

Presented by Bass Fam Creative

Reviewed by Annika Loci

The Vault, Festival Park (Vic Market), Victoria

03 - 29 October, 2023


- A breathtakingly seductive, sultry and fully inclusive evening of storytelling that will get the heart beating a bit faster! -

Set amongst the bustling Victoria Market is Festival Park (as part of the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival) a pop-up venue ready for audiences to experience world class acrobat and circus performances, cabaret and comedy acts and a variety of physical theatre beyond amazement. Created by the highly regarded Headfirst Acrobats, it’s here where we are welcomed into a world which feels steamy and erotic, seducing you to a place where love, lust and fantasy feel interwoven.

Written by Melbourne creative Bass G Fam and directed alongside Josephine Magliolo this newest version of MADATOR has been curated especially for this year’s Melbourne Fringe audiences. Inviting them to enjoy “sabor de amor” (a taste of love) this is a striking and intense 60-minute exploration into the power of passion, relationships, and identity. I congratulate Bass G Fam in creating a show looking at self-love through sexual diversity, identity, and representation. Especially one which also challenges the patron to consider what can result from being your raw, open and vulnerable self to a world when love, pain, seduction, and heartbreak with ourselves and others is honest and authentic.

MATADOR is presented mainly from the female perspective, through a selection of passionate and powerful sequences that include a variety of dance styles (jazz, contemporary, ballet, modern, street, Latin, salsa, pointe and erotic) with acrobatics, a multitude of circus aerial work and a little bit of burlesque. Combined with gorgeous costumes, a creative modern soundtrack and brilliant technique, your eyes are captivated to the stage wondering what will come next. This show takes storytelling through the medium of physical performance to a whole new level and a massive appreciation for these performers ability to fuse together strength and sensuality of the human form.

Not hiding from any topic and taking audiences on a rollercoster of emotions, MATADOR is for anyone ready to have a breathtakingly seductive, sultry and fully inclusive evening of storytelling that will get the heart beating a bit faster!


Plan your Melbourne Fringe this October by heading to their website for the extensive list of what's on offer. Visit:


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