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On A Clear Day You Can See Forever: A Quirky and Heartwarming Musical Comedy

Theatre Thoughts had the pleasure of receiving a short interview from Australian performer Blake Bowden, who is currently starring in the production of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever playing at the Seymour Centre. With an extensive career in theatre, Blake is no stranger to the stage, having previously performed in productions such as The Book of Mormon, The Wizard of Oz, and The Sound of Music. In this interview, we'll be diving into his experience with the long-awaited production of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, his insight into his character, and what audiences can expect from this fresh and hilarious musical.

A lost gem rediscovered and reimagined, On A Clear Day You Can See Forever is quirky, romantic, supernatural, and utterly charming. Overlooked, curious, unusual, and unexpected, this world premiere chamber adaptation adds an additional queer twist for 2023. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever is an hilarious and heartwarming comedy of errors, exploring modern themes of sexuality, gender, and ethics in a fast-paced, joyous, and musical delight featuring all-new arrangements of the wonderful songs of Alan Jay Lerner (My Fair Lady, Brigadoon) and Burton Lane (Finian's Rainbow), including Hurry It’s Lovely Up Here, She Wasn’t You, Melinda, Come Back To Me, and (naturally), On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.


This production has been a long time coming, what has made you stick with it for so long?

Covid got in the way of this production last year and it was devastating at the time to loose yet another piece of theatre. But we came back this year and when the dates lined up with me personally finishing my time with The Phantom of the Opera I jumped at the opportunity. Also Jay James-Moody who is starring and directing this piece and I have been wanting to return to something special after spending a year together on The Book Of Mormon a few years ago. We had such a wonderful time working together all those years ago and have been chomping at the bit to do something together since then. Jay has adapted this quirky 1960’s musical so brilliantly and we are having a great time bringing it to life together and with an incredible group of actors around us.

Can you give us a bit of insight into your character?

Mark Bruckner is a Psychiatrist living in contemporary New York and he has recently lost his wife. Dealing with the trauma and grief of her death leads him to question many things. When he accidentally meets David (Daisy) Gamble, played by Jay in this production, his world is turned upside down by this fascinating human who seems to have a past life he can access through hypnosis. Mark goes on a wild journey which makes him question the nature of reality, life, death, love and ultimately his own sanity.

What makes this production stand out from others?

I think it is wonderful in 2023 to be watching what is almost an entirely new musical. Jay has been given free reign on the re-writing of this Allen Jay-Lerner and Burton Lane classic and that has resulted in something fresh that still retains the brilliant sense of comedy and heart that Lerner and Lane intended.

What will audiences leave this show with?

Audiences will definitely leave the theatre having had a really good laugh at this screw-ball comedy. But also I think be touched by a story of two people trying to find themselves in a constantly changing world. This production prods at what sexuality and gender really mean in 2023 and lovingly allows it’s characters to explore this in a wonderful and funny way. And on top of all of that audiences will leave humming the beautiful tunes of Burton Lane, hearing songs they know and love and discover new songs and arrangements they have never heard before.

If you could summarise this production into three words, what would they be?

Quirky, hilarious and heartwarming.

Photo Credits: David Hooley


Squabbalogic and Seymour Centre present


Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, Music by Burton Lane, Revised and Adapted by Jay James-Moody

17 MAR - 15 APR 2023


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