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Rosie Jones: Triple Threat - MICF 2023 (VIC)

Presented by Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Written by Rosie Jones.

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

The Westin One, Melbourne

Until 22nd April, 2023

- Proving that a disability is nothing but comedic fodder in the world of stand-up, Rosie Jones is a must see this comedy season -

Armed with a sharp wit and an infectious smile, Rosie Jones is on a mission to become the UK’s next “National Treasure”. The only problem? It seems that there are a lot of these treasures around and, as Jones says, it’s more of a one in, one out type of deal at the moment. Jones has her eye on one particular treasure, the “penguin boy” himself, David Attenborough, the nation’s Grandfather. Why does Jones deserve this position once Attenborough has kicked the bucket? Well, she is a triple threat being a disabled, gay, female comedian - and a bit of a prick (her words). In short, the BBC can’t get enough of her.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Rosie Jones has become a staple on the UK comedy circuit, writing for and making panel appearances on shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, The Last Leg, QI and Hypothetical. Now after a short hiatus due to some global health issue, she’s finally arrived in Melbourne at the Westin One - “the poshest fucking hotel to do stand up in.”

Jones utilises her disability to create some of the biggest laughs in the comedy circuit thus far. It’s an absolute delight to see her extract comedy from the most unthought of places. Jones is all too aware that the mixture of her slow speech and her northern accent will make you question the punchlines, but as long as you laugh she doesn’t care. In fact, the way that Jones has written Triple Threat clues you into the punchline before she can actually get to it. It’s a superbly clever piece of comedic writing on her behalf that deserves the applause.

Throughout Triple Threat Jones promises us three great jokes where she will absolutely lose her shit, unfortunately, they’re all at the end! One particular set up of Rock, Paper, Scissors had the audience absolutely lose it. Others required Jones to repeat it loudly for the people in the back - hands up who knows what a loom is used for?

Jones takes you through the world of property buying from someone obsessed with Monopoly, using lockdown to realise that she has the perfect vulva and a journey through a breakup that made her realise that she can use her unique comedy to make jokes about anyone and anything she wants…except for Ukrainians. After seeing this set, it’s clear that Rosie Jones is indeed a triple threat in the world of comedy and is a must see on the Melbourne comedy circuit this year.



Wed & Thu $33.00

Fri & Sat $35.00

Sun $33.00


Wed - Fri $29.00

Sun $29.00

Group (6+):

Wed - Fri $30.00

Sun $30.00

Tightarse Tuesday:


Wed 5 Apr - Sat 8 Apr: 6.15pm;

Sun 9 Apr: 5.15pm;

Tue 11 Apr - Sat 15 Apr: 6.15pm;

Sun 16 Apr: 5.15pm;

Tue 18 Apr - Sat 22 Apr: 6.15pm

The Westin One, 205 Collins St, Melbourne

AUSLAN: Tue 18 Apr: 6.15pm

The Westin One

205 Collins St,



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