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The Briefing - MICF 2023 (VIC)

Written and performed by Melissa McGlensey

Reviewed by Martha “MJ” Latham

Campari House, Melbourne

Until 23rd April, 2023

- A funny and entertaining show that offers some clever satire and strong comedic performances -

Melissa McGlensey's The Briefing, presented at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, is a fast-paced and ever-evolving show that offers biting political satire. McGlensey's quick wit and audience interaction are the highlights of the performance. However, the show falls short in certain aspects.

One of the drawbacks of The Briefing is its over-reliance on obvious jokes, the kind that don't require much thought or originality. While the audience enjoyed the humour, it was often low hanging fruit. McGlensey's strength lies in her ability to improvise and engage with the audience, and the show was at its best when she played off their responses. However, this is not enough to make up for the lack of more nuanced, incisive commentary.

Another missed opportunity in The Briefing is its failure to make more substantial satirical comments on the rise of far-right populist figures around the world. The show's premise centres on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House Press Secretary and now Governor of Arkansas, and her international propaganda tour. However, despite the clear potential for social commentary, the show shies away from taking a deeper look at the underlying issues that have led to the rise of far-right movements in various countries. There is a wealth of material to draw upon, particularly in the Australian context, where far-right groups have been gaining traction in recent years. Unfortunately, the show only scratches the surface of this issue.

Despite its shortcomings, The Briefing is a clever and entertaining show. McGlensey's experience as a writer for publications like The Onion and Reductress is evident in her satirical approach to current events, which can be refreshing in a time when real-life politics often seem like a parody.

In conclusion, The Briefing is a funny and entertaining show that offers some clever satire and strong comedic performances. However, it falls short in its failure to make more substantial commentary on the rise of far-right movements around the world, particularly in the Australian context. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile performance that will leave audiences laughing and engaged.



All Tix $25.00


All Tix $22.00

Group (6+):

All Tix $20.00

Tightarse Tuesday:


Early Bird:

All Tix $18.00

Mon 10 Apr - Sun 23 Apr: 7pm

Campari House, 23-25 Hardware Ln, Melbourne


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