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Werkin’ 5 to 9 - Melbourne Fringe Festival (VIC)

Presented by Brenda Bressed & HollyPop

Reviewed by Annika Loci

MC Showroom, Prahran

6th October to Sunday 8th October


- A totally fabulous, joyful and inspirational evening of drag -

“But what’s your day job?” is the question the sensational (and now) full time Drag Queens Brenda Bressed (rhymes with dressed) and HollyPop reflect upon in their first writing collaboration Werkin’ 5 to 9. Presented through the lens of (what else than) Broadway show tunes!

The story takes the ladies on a look back at how far they have come as Drag Queens. From the side of life that wasn’t always so full of frocks, glitter, rainbows, and fabulousness, they explore the impact of societal expectations on their decisions as part-time drag performers. This includes the journey on how they make ends meet with cost of living, eviction notices and an Australian Taxation audit along with some cheeky references to how the drag community is still unfortunately viewed.

Being opening night and after a few initial shaky moments, the Queens took full advantage of their training and performance backgrounds in musical theatre and years of drag improv so you knew as an audience member you are in expert hands as the show continues.

The talented writing combination of Brenda & HollyPop results in a fun filled, hilarious and heartwarming 80mins. With thirteen cleverly selected live performances of Broadway songs from Cabaret, Priscilla and Annie this “Broadway jukebox musical” has the right balance of humor, sass and improv you’d expect from a drag cabaret. Whilst at the same time providing a witty and emotional insight into the challenges of what modern day drag queens still need to overcome, and the power of believing in oneself, saying Yes to your pursuing passions, and pushing past what others expect of you.

Werkin’ 5 to 9 is well deserving of a Judge’s Pick for the festival. A totally fabulous, joyful and inspirational evening of drag that will remind you the “Aussie battler” sometimes wears platform heels.


Plan your Melbourne Fringe this October by heading to their website for the extensive list of what's on offer. Visit:


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