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[YOUR NAME] - KXT on Broadway (NSW)

Written by Kate Bubalo. Directed by Lily Hayman

Hilariously poignant and well and truly set in its Tumbler Era, [Your Name] pays homage to fanfiction, friendship and sexual awakenings

Reviewed by Kat Pech

KXT on Broadway, Ultimo

Until 29th June, 2024


Presented by Purple Tape Productions in conjunction with Bakehouse Theatre Co, [YOUR NAME] was a “LOL Riot” with a heart of gold. Set in 2013 - my own hay-day - I was super excited to see this, and it exceeded expectations. With a perfect blend of nostalgia and a heart that still felt so relevant, it was an absolute joy to watch. The importance of fanfic and fandom was clear throughout; from friendships to purple prose to sexuality, it was all recognised.


The intimate theatre, mixed with Tyler Fitzpatrick & Lily Hayman’s set design, meant that once you were in, you were locked in and not allowed to leave. Hayman’s direction managed to deliver this without making it entirely sinister. Throughout the show, Hayman directed with humour and an excellent eye for detail. You can only poke fun at something that well if you love it, and the ridiculousness of the premise was shown without ever veering into mockery.

[Your Name], KXT on Broadway (2024). Georgia Brogan


Teenagers, Petra, Nadine and Kris are in the midst of writing a smutty fanfiction based on their favourite boy wizard. But when their erotic fanfic falls into the hands of their P.E Teacher, Mr. Isaacs, hilarity and madcap mayhem ensues as he starts to think the writing is about him.


Evelina Singh as Petra - vivacious, bold and hilarious - turned the spice level up in their their smutty fic writing. Georgia McGinness as Nadine was awkwardly charming in her grey school shorts and discomfort. Lola Bond as Kris depicted an anxiety riddled teenager, terrified of her own feelings whilst being super sweet. The three were all utterly wonderful to watch.


Each depiction was nuanced, deep, and heartfelt. The heart of this play is as much, if not more so, about the trials of friendship and growing up, and each brought a wonderful insight into the different ways girls become young women and had their own spin on their time as “[YOUR NAME]” and what it meant to each of them.

It was truly hilarious watching such typical fanfic scenes brought to magical life


Their physicality was impeccable, from awkward to erotic to flamboyantly teenaged, and it was a true delight to witness and startlingly realistic at times. McGinness’ constant pulling at her oversized white shirt in awkwardness and desperation as she tried to hide her new curves gave me vivid memories of doing the same.


The theatre itself had its limitations; with the stage in traverse it would’ve been extremely easy to block half the audience, and yet this didn’t happen. All cast members made sure to encompass the audience in their deliveries in a way that never felt awkward, and minor moments of action to one side were followed by switching to the other. The hilariously realistic teenage lines and chaotic care of the teacher, the biting wit of the mothers, as well as the explicitly, exaggeratedly, wonderfully enacted intimate scenes of the fanfic brought to life were all perfectly performed. It was truly hilarious watching such typical fanfic scenes brought to magical life without being cringingly self-consciousness for the actors, even if the characters were.


Andrew Fraser as Larry and Mr. Isaacs, as well as his foray into being “The One Who Shall Not Be Spoken Of” (apologies if I’ve misremembered this exact title) was excellent. Awkward, funny, outrageous, he switched between characters beautifully. His Dark-Lord vibes, complete with a far too energetic tongue and a fitted stocking over his head made me laugh the hardest I have all year. It was brilliant. The trials of being a young male teacher at an all-girls school was also well handled; a serious idea dealt with respect and humour.

Witty, heartfelt, hilarious, [YOUR NAME] was the perfect balm to a cold winter’s night.


The entire cast played off each other beautifully, and Fitzpatrick’s with Clare Hennessy’s sound were fantastic accompaniments, excellently done, to the point a theatre friend I met in the audience was wondering who the artists were for future productions. The haze was brilliant and not overdone (always a challenge in a small space especially!) and the props and costumes (Rita Naidu) were masterfully used. The audience was raving about the show in the loos afterward, always a good sign, and my stomach hurt by the end from laughing.


The only criticism I can muster is that as I’m no longer a teenager, even with my long-distance glasses on, I found the screen and text at times too small and crowded to read, which I was sad about as from what I could read, it was hilariously accurate. A minor criticism in an otherwise fantastic production.


Witty, heartfelt, hilarious, [YOUR NAME] was the perfect balm to a cold winter’s night. It warmed the very cockles of my heart with joy, and I highly encourage everyone to see it; it will undoubtedly be very much enjoyed.



Playwright - Kate Bubalo

Director - Lily Hayman

Lighting Designer - Tyler Fitzpatrick

Sound Designer - Clare Hennessy

Costume Designer - Rita Naidu

Intimacy Coordinator - Shondelle Pratt

Stage Manager - Hannah Crane

Producers - Tyler Fitzpatrick/Lily Hayman


Lola Bond - KRIS

Georgia McGinness - NADINE

Evelina Singh - PETRA

Andrew Fraser - LARRY

DATES: 14-29 June

LOCATION: KXT on Broadway

RUN TIME: 90 minutes, no intermission.

TICKETS: $35-45

WARNINGS: Sex Scenes, Coarse Language, Haze and Flashing Lights.


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