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360 AllStars - Riverside Theatres (NSW)

Presented by Riverside Theatres and Onyx Productions

Get ready for an urban circus full of twists and turns like you have never seen before!

Reviewed by Chanele Mao

Riverside Parramatta

Season 19 April – 22 April 2024

360 AllStars is a thrilling, high energy, street dance meets BMX and basketball, urban circus theatre. The show is made up of an ensemble of highly skilled artists, whom are all champions in their unique skills such as a world champion BMX biker, break-dancers, acrobat, and basketballer. The physicality and presentation of this dance and street performance made it accessible by all including a younger audience.

There is a lot to love in 360 AllStars, from the thrilling beatboxing vocals to the excellent drumming. The ensemble cast of 360 AllStars, whom all have diverse and international backgrounds, gave it their all to entertain and show off their skills. The BMX biker was particularly awe-inspiring as he managed to effortlessly turn and spin on his bike backwards, forwards and upside down. He made it look like it was a piece of cake. The backdrop of the scene out of a local skater park, also added realistic visuals to the BMX performance.

The beatboxing by the only girl in the show, from Ghana, together with the drummer, demonstrated her amazing rap, R'n’B and poetic licence as she sang most of the songs. The audience were in great spirits and cheered on the performers who each dazzled and amazed us. The Cyr ring (imagine a giant ring) performer impressed me as he spun, turned and rotated in 360 degrees with ease and grace.

Combining award winning musicians with spectacular video projections and some epically skilled performers, this production brings an exciting fusion of street cultures to the stage. If you’re looking for something different this school holidays, get dizzy with excitement as 360 AllStars takes centre stage!

The show runs for approximately 60 minutes with no interval.



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