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Broadway's Lost Treasures: Inside the World of the BROADWAY BOUND Podcast Series

Discover Broadway's Unseen Hits: Introducing 'Broadway Bound,' a revealing podcast series uncovering musicals that never made it to the Great White Way!

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In the heart of New York City's vibrant theatre world, a captivating new podcast series is making waves on the Broadway Podcast Network. Broadway Bound: The Musicals That Never Came to Broadway offers listeners an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of musical theatre, focusing on productions that were slated for Broadway but never made it to the stage. Hosted by Rob Schneider, an award-winning Director, Producer, Author, Educator, and Podcast Host, residing in the heart of the Big Apple, this series promises to be a must-listen for theatre enthusiasts everywhere.

The inaugural season, titled HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD, delves into Broadway-bound musicals based on iconic movies. From Arthur to Breakfast at Tiffany's, Busker Alley to Gone with the Wind, and more, listeners will be treated to fascinating insights and untold stories from the actors, writers, and directors who were part of these remarkable productions. With guests including Friends' creators Marta Kauffmann and David Crane, ten-time Emmy Award winner James Burrows, Academy Award winner Stephen Schwartz, and Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw, each episode is a treasure trove of insider knowledge and exclusive interviews.

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As the podcast unfolds, listeners will be transported back in time to the golden era of Hollywood and the Great White Way, experiencing the highs and lows of these ambitious projects that never quite reached Broadway's illustrious stages. With Schneider's expert guidance and unparalleled access to industry insiders, Broadway Bound promises to be a captivating journey through the untold stories of musical theatre history.

Where did the idea for "Broadway Bound: The Musicals That Never Came to Broadway" initially come from? Was this something you wanted to do for a while?

"I am one of the producers over at 54 Below, and in 2017, we started a series called 'Broadway Bound: The Musicals That Never Came to Broadway,' which celebrated the great songs within these hidden treasures. However, we faced the challenge of condensing the rich history of these shows into a limited timeframe, leaving much untold. Thus, I wanted to find a way for this remarkable work to be heard alongside the fascinating history of each of these shows."

Schneider's passion for bringing these musicals to life through the medium of podcasting is clearly palpable, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of Broadway's lost treasures.

How did you go about researching and selecting the musicals featured in the "Hooray for Hollywood" season? Were there any surprising discoveries or lesser-known gems that emerged during this process?

"Themes are my favorite things, so I wanted to make sure there was one in place to focus the season. The movie theme seemed like the best idea because it allows the audience, who might not know the musical or have access to the score, to have at least a passing familiarity with the source material.

Schneider's meticulous research took him to the hallowed halls of the New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, where he unearthed hidden treasures that would shape the podcast series. "I would just comb through and see things like Carolyn Leigh’s Unproduced Fellini Musical and you go “What is that?” and then you discover a full script, a full score, and all this correspondence which details, in the author’s own words, how something materialized and then dissipated. The most surprising thing to me is that each of these shows has some wonderful material in it that, had it gone to Broadway, would’ve become standards," he reflects. "It’s a reminder that no one sets out to write a 'bad' show."

As the podcast series unfolds, a diverse lineup of esteemed guests adds layers of depth to the exploration of Broadway-bound musicals. From the creators of Friends to industry veterans and newcomers, each episode promises a wealth of insights and untold stories from creators and industry insiders.

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Marta Kauffmann and David Crane, creators of Friends, are among the esteemed guests featured in the season. Can you provide insights into their involvement and contributions to the discussion surrounding Broadway-bound musicals?

"Wow, was I lucky to get them, like I was lucky to get Schwartz, Nicholaw, and the TV legend James Burrows." These industry giants bring a firsthand perspective to the table, offering not only their thoughts on what worked or didn't work but also regaling listeners with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. "What each of these individuals brings are a first-hand perspective to why they think something did/did not work," Schneider adds.

Intriguing anecdotes, such as security guards hired during production meetings for Paper Moon, illuminate the challenges and triumphs of bringing these musicals to life. Schneider believes that these conversations serve a therapeutic purpose for the guests, providing them with an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and make peace with their memories.

In your research and discussions, did you uncover any common themes or trends among the selected musicals in terms of their journey from screen to stage?

Reflecting on the overarching patterns observed, Schneider notes a critical consideration when adapting movies into musicals: "I think the biggest one I found was that if you are going to turn a movie into a musical you must ask 'What does adding music do to help this story? Why are we doing this?' and I think in something like The Graduate adding music does nothing to help the story and in something like Gone With the Wind there really was no “Why are we doing this?” beyond the fact that it's financially interesting. Things like La Cage, The Color Purple, and Hairspray are all wonderful movies but adding music gives it an even deeper texture."  

The journey of each musical becomes a fascinating narrative, from the unproduced Fellini musical to the heated moments in Baker’s Wife where an actor threw a chair at a director. Schneider promises the podcast provides a glimpse into the intricate decisions that shape the fate of a Broadway-bound production.

With a diverse lineup of guests, including industry veterans and newcomers, how did you ensure a balanced and inclusive perspective on the topic of Broadway-bound musicals based on movies?

Drawing inspiration from the concept that there are two sides to every story, Schneider aimed to capture multiple voices from different perspectives. "If we can get multiple voices from all aspects to contribute to their witnessing of an event, then we would keep the story balanced," he shares. "The richness of the narrative is enhanced by the variety of voices, each offering a unique angle on the trials and triumphs of these musicals."

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Looking ahead, are there any plans to explore other themes or topics related to the intersection of film and stage in future seasons of BROADWAY BOUND? Can you provide any insights into what audiences can expect next?

Schneider hints at the thematic direction future seasons might take: "Thematically linking the shows is where we will be going with it." As the podcast evolves, Schneider is open to exploring different ideas for themes, including a focus on West End musicals that were supposed to come to Broadway or Broadway Bound musicals featuring big stars. The possibilities are as vast and exciting as Broadway itself. "I am very open so if someone out there has an amazing idea", he adds.

Looking ahead, the future of BROADWAY BOUND shines bright with possibilities. Scneider remains open to exploring new avenues of storytelling and discovery as he continues to chart the uncharted territories of Broadway's hidden treasures. From the series, audiences can expect a journey of discovery, inspiration, and the magic of musical theatre - even if they are ones we may never hear - one podcast episode at a time.


Listen to the full series of Broadway Bound now.

About Rob Schneider:

Rob is an award-winning Director, Producer, Author, Educator, and Podcast Host residing in New York City, where he is the Artistic Director of The J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company. While he has been praised by many publications and media outlets, Robert’s greatest achievement is that he is always able to get three dipping sauces automatically added to all Burger King orders. 

As Artistic Director of The J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company, Robert directed their award-winning productions of Seesaw, A Class Act (1st NYC Revival), A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine (1st NYC Revival), Woman of the Year (1st NYC Revival), Sugar (1st NYC Revival), and The Baker’s Wife, in which he collaborated with Stephen Schwartz on an intimate re-telling of the story. For their inaugural production of Seesaw, Robert received the Broadway World Award for Best Off-Off Broadway Musical and Director and The Baker’s Wife on Best Musical.

As a stage director, Robert has directed over 200 plays, musicals, readings, and workshops and has collaborated with such theatrical institutions as Second Stage, Lincoln Center, New York Philharmonic, Walnut Street Theater, Center Theater Group, MTC, and The York Theater.

Since working as an Original Programming Producer at the Tony Award winning 54 Below, Robert has directed and produced over one hundred concerts for the venue and was nominated by Broadway World as Best Cabaret Director of the Decade. In this capacity, he has had the great pleasure creating most of the programs in their MAC Award winning 54 Sings series, including original cast reunions of Ain’t Misbehavin, Memphis, Curtains, Lennon, Eubie, A Broadway Musical, and concert presentations of musicals Golden Rainbow, Spamalot, How to Succeed In Business…, Woman of the Year, and The Happy Time, as well as creating their widely acclaimed series 54 Celebrates Broadway Theaters and Broadway Bound: The Shows That Never Came In.  

While working at 54 Below he has had the pleasure of collaborating with such artists as Ahrens and Flaherty, Strouse and Adams, Stephen Schwartz, John Kander, Joe Iconis, Marilyn Maye, Beth Leavel, Michael Feinstein, Len Cariou, Andre DeShields, Ken Page, Jane Lynch, Lewis Black, Jason Alexander, Darren Criss, Donna McKechnie, Priscilla Lopez, and many others.


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