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Dream Plane Productions Presents 'Labyrinth' by Beth Steel

1978 – Wall Street has been taken over by a new generation. The flood of petrodollars has elevated US banking to an indomitable position. Luxury hotel rooms, fine dining and attractive company is the life of those who jet around the globe selling loans to developing countries eager to borrow, and there are plenty – Mexico, Brazil, Argentina…

But the writing on the wall tells a different tale. It tells of the overwhelming recklessness of the banks, of borrowing countries struggling to repay their debts. And before long, an unthinkable nightmare starts to be made reality.

Dream Plane Productions - the team behind Ditch and Fuente Ovejuna! - are thrilled to be back presenting another chilling Australian Premiere from the mind of Beth Steel.

Steel puts one of the colossal events of modern history, the Latin American Debt Crisis, under a microscope. Her richly researched and detailed writing presents it in an accessible way that is then ripped open for examination, creating an engrossing study of the cycle of western greed and modern finance.

Rising star - Margaret Thanos (Artistic Director of Meraki) directs a uniformly tight ensemble of 12 led by Matt Abotomey (Molly Sweeney) as John Anderson, a figure marked for ruin as he climbs the Wall Street ladder across two continents, navigating suits and suitors, CEO's and Wall-Street kingpins - Brendan Miles (Stupid F*cking Bird, Mr. Inbetween), corrupt loan officers - Angus Evans (U.B.U., Animal Farm) and journalists who just might call him out - Camila Ponte-Alvarez (Dead Skin).

As sharp-tongued as Succession but with a Lynchian descent into madness – Labyrinth is a surreal finance thriller that tries to make sense of one of the most catastrophic economic crises of modern history, which melted down banks, brought the world economy to the brink and unleashed devastation to an entire continent that lasted decades.

with Matt Abotomey, Rachael Colquhoun Fairweather, Angus Evans, Edric Hong, Brendan Miles, Camila Ponte-Alvarez, Lib Campbell, Richard Cox, Tom Hanaee, Patricio Ibarra, Tasha O'Brien, Diego Retamales

Movement Director/ Cultural Consultant Diana Paola Alvarado

Lighting Design Jas Borsovszky

Producer Alex Chambers

Sound Design Samantha Cheng

Costume Design Holly-Jane Cohle

Producer Angus Evans

Stage Manager Amy Lawler

Director/Set Design Margaret Thanos

Assistant Director Jess Zlotnick


August 17th - September 3rd

Previews (August 17th/18th)

Opening (August 19th)


Wednesday-Saturday - 7:30pm

Sunday - 5:00pm

Matinee (Sat 3rd Sep) - 2:00pm


Preview/Cheap Wednesdays - $25

Under 30's - $30

Standard - $35


Flight Path Theatre 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville



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