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Ed Gamble: Electric - MICF 2023 (VIC)

Presented by BOHM. Written and performed by Ed Gamble.

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

Athenaeum Theatre Two Forum, Melbourne

Until 23rd April, 2023

- A comedian of contrasts, Ed Gamble proves himself capable of being a "big boy" bringing big laughs -

Ed Gamble is a comedian of contrasts, despite the heavy metal entrance to his standup show, his youthful and charming features deny him the edgy look he is striving for. He’s a middle class man with a knack for depravity, mostly at the expense of himself and Prince Andrew. From tales of wanting to be a “big boy” at the gym, through to the love/hate relationship of a continental buffet, Gamble reaches for all corners of the comedy world.

One thing that is immediately noticeable about Gamble is his talented interactions with the audience. Each night there is something new for Gamble to warm the audience up with. Whether that be the empty row of seats for latecomers that makes him feel like he’s performing to a brick wall, through to finding a connection between two audience members based on a train station. He may have garnered some fame within a podcasting booth, but Gamble is on the pulse of each audience he comes across. He found much fun in this particular Sunday crowd as he followed the ebbs and flows of where the line was in his routine and which of his jokes would result in, “Oh no, we can’t have that, it’s just gone six!”

Despite this particular performance being a “Sunday Crowd”, the punches that Gamble threw were not being pulled. Such provocative jokes were hurled towards Prince Andrew and a “pro-tein” diet - a joke he worked extensively hard on - and a memory-burning image of a seagull (or sparrow depending on your imagination) choking on a penis straw from both ends.

Where Gamble lost the crowd in the now tiresome jokes of quarantine, he pulled them back in when he turned his attention to food - no surprises there! Gamble couldn’t help himself as he had to drop in a short James Acaster impression to satiate the Off Menu fans in the crowd before turning his attention to the budget hotel breakfast buffet. It was here we fell in love with ‘Maureen’, the chicken who is personally responsible for those soggy, yet dry, yet sweet, yet salty scrambled eggs on the buffet table. Before long, with the audience in fits of laughter, he finished the show as a french chocolate croissant with surprisingly little chocolate in it.

The waves of humour throughout Gamble’s comedy was choppy and came in some inconsistent tides, but ultimately it was clear where Gamble’s unique flavour floated the audience’s laughter - and he knew it. With an extremely likeable “big boy” charm, edgy and extremely silly humour, Ed Gamble’s comedy is one to have a feast on before it wraps up at this year’s comedy festival.



All Tix $51.90

Tue 18 Apr - Sat 22 Apr: 6.45pm;

Sun 23 Apr: 5.45pm

Athenaeum Theatre Two, Athenaeum Theatre, 188 Collins St, Melbourne


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