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Ed: The New, Totally Unofficial, Ginger-Inclusive Parody Sketch Show -Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK)

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

ZOO Playground - Playground 2

21:50 - Aug 15-19

50 minutes

Suitability: 18+ (Guideline)

Country: United Kingdom - England

Group: Not Yet Home Productions

Warnings and additional info: Audience participation, Strong language/swearing


- The most ridiculous amount of fun you can have at the end of your Fringe night, for Ginger and dull-haired audiences alike -

After some successful flyering, I was persuaded to catch a late night show based on two things: the title, and the figure at the front of it. Thus, it was with great pleasure that I got to experience Ed: The New, Totally Unofficial, Ginger-Inclusive Parody Sketch Show. Now, it may be the “Ginger-Inclusive” bias in me, but I LOVED it!

Parodying the life of a very successful, uber talented singer, songwriter and ginger whose first name is Ed (for legal reasons), the production is led with ferocious commitment by its cast, whip-smart writing and insanity, and backed by three piece band.

Directed and co-written by Alex Mentzel and James Carroll, Ed journeys through the rising life of a career in music, all while enduring the difficulties of being a ginger. There are musical theatre references spattered throughout as the show starts off as Wicked does, revealing the baby born is unnatural…Ginge! Throughout, we see Ed become a “Music School Dropout” and transitions are set to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” through the repetitive, “Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed”. Have fun imagining that in your head.

Ed is beautifully playful and filled with manic moments of caricature. Ed’s unique talent is unloved by his father due his horrifically coloured hair, but ultimately is hunted down by the Music Mafia and taken on the same journey as Bieber to make a shit-tonne of cash.

Mentzel places himself in the cast and shows a *chefs kiss* commitment to every bit. In the small space, the energy is intoxicating. Stella Williamson plays the second ensemble member, donning swift quick changes and a light-footed step as she transforms into multiple roles and riffs when things go awry. As Ed, Rosie Parrish dons a ridiculous ginger wig and plays Ed with all the charm of the man himself. Was it weird that she kind of looked like him? Well, it worked. Parrish showed a steadfast singing voice amongst her parodies of Ed’s songs and a sureness in her interaction with the audience. Just be prepared that if you are, like me, a fellow Ginge, she will spot you out more so.

Take a punt on this new and ridiculously fun sketch parody show, revel in your love for Ed Sheeran, and if you’re a fellow ginger, welcome home.


Find all the info on Ed: The New, Totally Unofficial, Ginger-Inclusive Parody Sketch Show through the Linktree below.



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