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High Pony - MICF 2023 (VIC)

Written and performed by Mel O'Brien and Sam Andrew

Reviewed by Lillian Gerlach

The Toff in Town, Swanston St, Melbourne

30th March - 9th April 2023

Mel & Sam are back for Melbourne comedy season and they are NOT interested in low-brow jokes or bad reviews from lowly institutes like The Age. This transformative new work is brave, controversial and very, very gay.

Who else could take their audiences on such a conceptual journey? Our fearless performers guide us through vignettes of raw, human experiences like being hungover and taking a sh*t in an Ikea display bathroom. Their beautiful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics explore the deep inner desires of your local eshay boys so tenderly. They engage in controversial but important conversations- are babies really pulling their weight in our economy?

They are bringing High Art, High Concept - the show? High Pony.

But truthfully- High Pony is a silly, fun cabaret of numbers they clearly had a lot of fun writing. It’s a bit of a random mish-mash of songs with no theme linking the pieces, but this allowed Mel and Sam to branch out to some truly far-out funny places. They utilised a pre-recorded choir of angelic voices and one-liners to cover any transitions during which they would tirelessly bounce on and off stage in different costumes and characters.

The Toff is a perfect location for these two, as it really feels like a cabaret hall, it’s an intimate space that is packed to the brim with chairs and the shows are very nearly sold out for this season, so you’d better get in quickly if you don’t want to miss this!


Thu 30 Mar - Sat 1 Apr: 9.45pm;

Sun 2 Apr: 8.45pm;

Tue 4 Apr - Sat 8 Apr: 9.45pm;

Sun 9 Apr: 8.45pm

The Toff in Town, Lvl 2, Curtain House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne


All Tix $35.00


All Tix $29.00

Tightarse Tuesday:


Group (10+):

All Tix $25.00


All Tix $25.00


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