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Lou Wall: The Bisexual’s Lament - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 (VIC)

A Token Event. Devised and performed by Lou Wall.

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

ACMI - Gandel Lab - Fed Square, Melbourne

Until 21st April, 2024

An undeniable crowd favourite at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Lou Wall is a must see. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love with them.

Award winning comedian, writer and musical fan Lou Wall is on a comeback after the worst year of their life in 2023. On paper, it would seem that Wall had an absolute cracker of a year. They launched their new musical which premieres at the Hayes Theatre this year, Flat Earthers: The Musical, they landed an ABC TV show which received ABC’s biggest reaction on reddit thanks in part to a peculiar tattoo, and they received a Moosehead Award in the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Beneath the surface however, there was some very very dark stuff in Wall’s 2023, not to mention they’re now the first comedian to go through a breakup!

Wall’s comedy leans into the absurdly cathartic, riding the audience’s energy like a pro surfer on a wave of laughter. They edge to and fro, with a skill to acknowledge the tension that comes with diving into some dark areas of their 2023, whilst taking that tension and pain and finding the comedy in it. Wall’s war cry for The Bisexual’s Lament is ‘tragedy plus time equals comedy’ and they really give everything to assure you that they really are okay.

There’s no denying that Lou Wall is an absolute standout of the festival

Harnessing the now very popular powerpoint style comedy, Wall takes audiences through 69 (yes, yes, we laughed too) things that saved them in 2023. From a musical theatre styling of a Facebook Marketplace encounter that would get Michelle Brasier’s seal of approval, through to an extraordinary tale of revenge amidst the Rental Crisis in Sydney, Wall takes complete ownership of every single millisecond that passes throughout. 

Peppered through the set are recurring characters such as Wall’s Mum who we would very much like to get a drink with, and their best friend who really needs to learn what a Schmacko looks like. In doing this, Wall welcomes us into their life, to the point where you feel less like you’re a part of an audience in a comedy show and instead like you’re being spoken to directly and personally invited into Wall’s world.

There’s an impressive combination of skills at play here in Bisexual’s Lament as Wall bounces smoothly between speed run raps, musical ballads, well-crafted comedic stories, and straight stand up comedy. None of it ever manages to feel forced, cheesy, or cross any lines, instead Wall lays everything about their life on the table for you to see.

There’s no denying that Lou Wall is an absolute standout of the MICF and The Bisexual’s lament is a must-see in order to start any MICF evening. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve just spent time getting to know a new close, personal friend. You’ll laugh deeply and cathartically. You’ll fall in love with Lou Wall.

Lou Wall - The Bisexual's Lament

Sydney Comedy Festival Dates

Enmore Wildflower Wine Bar, Sydney

16-17 May, 2024



Wed & Thu $29.00

Fri & Sat $32.00

Sun $29.00


Wed & Thu $27.00

Sun $27.00

Group (6+):

Wed & Thu $27.00

Sun $27.00


All Tix $27.00

Tightarse Tuesday:


Triple R Subscribers:

Wed & Thu $27.00

Sun $27.00

ACMI - Gandel Lab, Fed Square, Melbourne

Tue 9 Apr - Sat 13 Apr: 6.20pm;

Sun 14 Apr: 5.20pm;

Tue 16 Apr - Sat 20 Apr: 6.20pm;

Sun 21 Apr: 5.20pm

Trades Hall - Solidarity Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton

Mon 15 Apr: 9.15pm

This show contains: Occasional coarse language, References to sexual assault or abuse, Strobe lighting


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