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My Intervention - Old Fitz Theatre (NSW)

Written by Jacinta Gregory, Music by Jacinta Gregory and Jeremy Kindl.

Reviewed by Claira Prider

Old Fitz Theatre, Woolloomooloo

13-17 March

Jacinta Gregory is refreshingly honest, hilarious and relatable in this one act comedy, cabaret musical.

As I enter the theatre, it feels like being welcomed into my grandma's living room for someone's birthday celebrations. There’s old, dark wooden furniture, a desk lamp, a golden velvet upholstered chaise-lounge and purple balloon decorations everywhere. Three party hat wearing instrumentalists are already on stage ready to accompany this one act musical written and performed by Jacinta Gregory. '

'Clinically quirky’ she calls it; Gregory is throwing her own intervention and it's much funnier than these things should be. The text is unapologetically bold whilst vulnerably yet candidly exploring themes of mental health, sexuality and identity.

Bursting through the door, Gregory commands the stage as she sweeps the audience up in the Old Fitz Theatre with her rich, soulful alto voice. Within the first few minutes we have a pretty clear understanding of the tone of what’s to come; witty, sharp, self-depreciating humour combining spoken word and singing some bangers. Led by Jeremy Kindl on keys and joined by Margot Roberts on violin and Doug Emery on cello, the trio provide sensitive and diverse accompaniment to the work which also sees them putting their instruments down and singing some doo wops, boy band back-up singer style.

Photography by Annabelle Radford

Early on in the piece, Gregory is joined on stage by Sarah Furnari in the role of the therapist Marie. Furnari spends the rest of the work sat on a chair to the side of the stage, physically separated yet still very present and involved as her role facilitates much of the plot’s momentum. The stillness in Furnari’s grounded and firm yet reassuring portrayal contrasts beautifully with Gregory’s highly energetic performance. Rosiey Rodrigues plays supporting characters such as her friend, lover, and Kate Bush demonstrating great versality and stagecraft.

Gregory's writing and performance is consistently captivating and powerfully moving.

Directed and designed by Alexander Andrews the work skilfully balances honesty and laughs, keeping the performance relatable and touching, whilst ensuring it doesn't take on a pitiful tone. Scene changes are effectively differentiated with minimal props such as a backpack or baseball bat and jacket. The score is poppy and mainly upbeat with a few particularly memorable moments such as the song about falling in love with her best friend as well as the shows' closing ballad. As she wraps up the show, Gregory pulls out her guitar and sits on the edge of the stage and addresses the audience directly. While playing her guitar she sings a heartfelt reflection of her journey to writing the show, a very moving and powerful closing number.

Presented by Little Triangle as part of Old Fitz Theatre's Late Night program, My Intervention combines musical theatre, cabaret and stand up in this delightfully honest, wickedly funny sixty-minute musical. Gregory's writing and performance is consistently captivating and powerfully moving as she delivers this hilarious and self-aware, engaging work.


Cast and Creatives

Producing Company: Little Triangle

Conceived and Written By: Jacinta Gregory

Music By: Jacinta Gregory & Jeremy Kindl

Additional Material & Dramaturgy By: Jim Fishwick & Bridie Connell

Director & Designer: Alexander Andrews

Music Director: Jeremy Kindl

Producer: Rose McClelland

Lighting Designer: Paris Bell

Stage Manager: Hannah Ribbons 

Audio Engineer: Emma Snellgrove 

Production Photographer: Annabelle Radford 

Pianist: Jeremy Kindl

Violinist: Margot Roberts

Cellist: Doug Emery

With: Jacinta Gregory, Sarah Furnari, Rosiey Rodrigues




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