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Slide Night - Sydney Opera House (NSW)

Presented by Sydney Opera House. In association with Llandilo Pty Ltd.

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House Until Sunday 25 June


- Unleash laughter and nostalgia at "Slide Night"in a hilarious journey at the Sydney Opera House! -

Step into the uproarious world of Slide Night at the iconic Sydney Opera House, where laughter knows no bounds. Brace yourself, Gen Z readers and those caught between Millennials and Gen Z, as I take you on a journey to the pre-smartphone era of holiday photo viewing. Can you imagine it? Camera tapes meticulously snipped into squares, neatly arranged into slides, and projected onto a makeshift screen in Rove McManus' backyard. It's time for the re-emergence of the legendary Slide Night!

For those who aren't sure what a slide is, it's the image above, not this...

In this comedic extravaganza, McManus, our charming host, invites Australia's crème de la crème of comedians to engage in a battle of wits and hilarity. Two teams, led by the brilliant Bridie Connel and the unstoppable Rebecca De Unamuno, spar in a series of side-splitting games, fueled by the randomness of individual slides. You'll be on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting the next twist that keeps the improvisers on their toes. McManus has even managed to lure some of Australia's biggest comedy stars away from Koshi's side of the fence, adding an extra sprinkle of stardust to the Slide Night.

Prepare to be dazzled by the unadulterated brilliance of improvised comedy, which, despite its undeserved reputation on platforms like TikTok and in American comedy films, still shines as pure comedic gold. Each slide becomes a visual catalyst, propelling the comedians into a world of absurdity, where ordinary transforms into extraordinary. From the zany antics of Tag Team Ted Talk to the riotous pitch-perfect performances of Son of a Pitch, the comedians' creativity knows no bounds.

As the evening unfolds, be prepared for a non-stop barrage of puns, outrageous French accents, and an inspirational preacher moment that will have you testifying from your seat. And let's not forget the lightning-fast creation of a Bunnings acronym, a feat that will surely etch itself in your memory.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns

But wait, there's more! Picture this: emerging from the depths of McManus's backyard toilet, we welcome the comedic duo and celebrity radio hosts, Jonesy and Amanda. We witnessed the challenge of proving their innocence in the "Passion for Fashion" crime at the infamous Dee Why nudist beach as well as their valiant (yet chaotic) attempt to run a Kids TV show.

Join McManus and friends on a delightful trip down memory lane, where Slide Night reigns supreme. Let your young teenagers discover a world before the smartphone, where laughter was the ultimate entertainment. This madcap improv journey guarantees an evening filled with giggles, guffaws, and unforgettable moments.

Remember, each night brings a fresh batch of special guests, promising a unique experience with every visit. So, take your pick and witness these comedic luminaries face the ultimate improvisation test!


Sunday - Thursday Performances



Friday & Saturday Performances

Standard: $65.00

Saturday 17 June:

1pm - Susie Youssef

6.30pm - Heath Franklin

Sunday 18 June:

1pm - Adam Spencer:

6.30pm - Nikki Britton

Tuesday 20 June:

6pm - Justin Hamilton

Wednesday 21 June:

7pm - Mikey Robins

Thursday 22 June:

7pm - Dan Illic

Friday 23 June:

7pm - Bob Downe

Saturday 24 June:

1pm - Bec Charlwood

6.30pm - Osher Gunsberg

Sunday 25 June:

1pm - Peter Berner

6.30pm - Heath Franklin


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