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Jenny Tian: Chinese Australian: A Tale Of Internet Fame - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 (VIC)

A Token Event. Written and performed by Jenny Tian.

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

ACMI - Swinburne Studio - Fed Square, Melbourne

Until 21st April, 2024

A Tale of Internet Fame is the underdog story that will consolidate Jenny Tian on the comedy stage

The rise of Tik Tok fame has led many new comedians to trying out their sets on the mainstage. Some of these comedians don’t translate well out of the small screen and in front of a large audience, their followers' 10 second need for something new overwhelms the comedian on stage. Others thrive in the spotlight both on the phone and off, and Jenny Tian is one of those living proof comedians that have the guts to succeed in an offline comedy world.

A Tale of Internet Fame sees Tian lean into her strengths, whilst balancing her own progression at pure stand up comedy. Armed with a thick Australian accent - which she says is knowingly incongruous to how she looks, hence the title of the show - and the ever popular powerpoint presentation in this comedy season, Tian takes audiences on her journey into stand up comedy.

Tian has an endearing quality about her, it’s an underdog story that will have you rooting for her by the end of the show.

Having seen Tian’s previous stand up show, Picture This, at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, there’s a clear difference in Tian’s strength as she solidifies her routine and harnesses what made her known in the first place, her internet fame. Hence, a large TV screen stands next to her, equipped with visuals to keep her audiences entertained throughout. There are offerings of Tian’s own Tik Tok channel (a smart move to help that follower count) as well as a nifty guide to follow along the structure of the show for any business marketing students in the crowd.

Some previous jokes remain from Tian’s other routines that work well; tales of her love life and her mother’s overbearing attitude remain a favourite, although some sexual jokes are oddly placed within here. Whilst not high energy comedy with jokes being rapid fire throughout, Tian takes a more laid back attitude to her set, employing slow paced humour, building her audience’s trust throughout.

As we get deeper into Tian’s story of internet fame, she starts to open up giving the audience honest and heartfelt storytelling as the online racial abuse comes thick and fast as she builds success. We start to see the negatives that come with internet fame for a Chinese Australian like Tian, as well as how awfully cringe worthy collaborations can be, especially for a particular pizza company (hint: it’s not the one with the dots).

It all culminates in Tian’s most successful gig to date, involving movie star and sell out comedian Ronnie Chieng. What we are left with is Tian’s love for stand up comedy and a consolidated belief in herself that she truly loves what she does for a job. Tian has an endearing quality about her, it’s an underdog story that will have you rooting for her by the end of the show. Jenny Tian may be of internet fame, but she has well and truly earned her place on the Australian comedy stage.

Jenny Tian: Chinese Australian - A Tale of Internet Fame



Wed & Thu $29.00

Fri & Sat $32.00

Sun $29.00


Wed & Thu $27.00

Sun $27.00

Group (6+):

Wed & Thu $27.00

Sun $27.00


All Tix $27.00

Tightarse Tuesday:


Triple R Subscribers:

Wed & Thu $27.00

Sun $27.00

Sun 14 Apr: 5.10pm;

Tue 16 Apr - Sat 20 Apr: 6.10pm;

Sun 21 Apr: 5.10pm

ACMI - Swinburne Studio, Fed Square, Melbourne

This show contains: Occasional coarse language


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